Our On-Site Services offer you our services directly on your premises, either in addition to your own electrical and automation staff or as external maintenance or automation service:

Repair or Replacement

Either as regular maintenance task, or after an incident, to keep the availability of the Electrical Equipment or Automation System we repair or replace its components during planned outages including the planning of activities.


The hardware and software components of an Automation System may require updates after its time of operation. We apply such updates during plant downtime, including in-house activity planning and testing of the update. Software modifications required for compatibility to the update are also prepared, tested and deployed as part of the upgrade activities.


Electrical Equipment and Automation Systems may need to grow with new requirements, we plan and deliver upgrades of existing Automation Systems and Electrical Equipment to extend its functionality or adapt to changed requirements.


We plan and deliver installation of Electrical Equipment, Field Devices, Cabling and components of the Automation System including Networks. Installation also includes measurements and preparation of readiness for operation of the installed components.


We assess the condition of existing Electrical Systems, Electrical and Automation Systems including Networks. From our assessment we also develop replacement or upgrade strategies up to delivery of the complete Project.


Resilience against Cyber-Security threats and risks are a important factor for availability and operational safety on Automation Systems. We assess Automation Systems on-site in regards to their Security Level and also prepare the related strategies to increase the Security Level up to delivery of the complete Project.