We design, build and fully test control cabinets for Electric Drives, Electrical Equipment, Process Control Systems and Field Devices. This also includes replacement of outdated equipment.

Design & Engineering


We design & engineer electrical cabinets, Low- and Medium-Voltage power distribution systems and equipment for complete automation systems including networking. The related manufacturing documentation is created using mainly EPLAN, but we also are able to supply the electrical documentation on other engineering platforms like RUPLAN. Standards used are all EU based standards including VDE with CE conformity, special standards like UL conformity are available on special request.

Assembly & Testing

In-House assembly services

Our in-house cabinet, electrical and automation equipment assembly service assembles the cabinets and components of the electrical system and the automation system components. Itemized components may be supplied by you, 3rd parties or purchased through us.

All assemblies are tested and related documentation is prepared in accordance to the applicable and agreed guidelines and may also include CE conformity declarations or other conformity declarations provision by external entities.

Installation & Commissioning

Through our On-Site services we also install, commission and put into operation the assembled and pretested electrical and automation system components and assemblies.

Our On-Site services also install 3rd-party supplied electrical and automation equipment, provided the related installation engineering and manuals are provisioned.

In completion of the installation activities we also perform Field Testing, Commissioning and putting into operation of the installed components including furnishing of related testing and commissioning documentation.